Salatiga Week 4

Another week down in the tropics. This week I finished the first unit of this course and also demonstrated the skills that I had learned in pencak silat (Indonesian martial art) at the “graduation” ceremony.

It was great to finish part of the course although the thought of moving on to a more complicated use of the language is a bit intimidating! I am suppose to learn around 3000 words in the next two weeks. I don’t really think that is going to be possible and so I am just going to do my best and hope that I can pass the exams!

Not a lot has happened this week although I have continued to explore the towns and the surrounds and enjoyed the different pace of life and different priorities of Indonesia. The focus here does not seem to be on efficiency but more on how much they can get away with. For instance, they have four people working in the local corner shop which is so small that it seems crowded with just the staff there.




  1. hey sam (?) Am I right?. I accidentally visit your blog while searching about my city, Salatiga. yes i was born in Salatiga, and I’m Salatiga native.

    Actually I’ve just search a scholarship to another country and i really want to go there after seeing those city (such as turku marseille and tilburg). then I’m curious how the other people feels when they are living in my city, and I end up visiting your blog.

    Im laughing a lot while reading your post, especially your post when you were watching football at Uksw field. So you’re studying at UKSW, right?
    I wonder how you feel while I’m so bored living there ( but still i love this city). yeaa you know just a few facilities provides there. also, not too many people living there, some people went to another city to study or work like me. Yes i’m studied and work at Semarang city.

    Besides, as a Salatiga native, i would like to say thanks for visiting Salatiga and living there. hehe. i hope you enjoy living there with its cool weather. đŸ™‚

    excuse my bad english, hehe.
    Fira Nathania

    • Hi Fira,

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, I am studying at UKSW. I am enjoying Salatiga although I normally live in Canberra so I am used to living in a city that does not have a lot to do!

      I hope your exchange goes well!


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