Salatiga week 5

The penultimate week here in Salatiga has gone very quickly! It has mainly been taken up with language lessons although I did manage to explore a massive market, play traditional Indonesian music and explore the surrounds of Salatiga by going for long runs.

On Sunday morning I went to the local market that I assumed was going to be a fairly small affair but it turned out to be huge with kilometres of stalls, all on the side of what is usually a busy highway. The locals are not deterred by this though as they spill out in to the middle of the road and force a 3 lanes of traffic (in each direction) down to 1 very slow lane of traffic. There was an amazing variety of goods on offer, ranging from live animals through to motorbikes.

Salatiga market

In our culture class this week we learned Angklung (an Indonesian bamboo instrument). I am not particularly musical but this instrument just involves shaking it at the right time and so even I can manage that!


So, there is just one more week of study left here, which is probably a good thing as I feel that I have reached the limit of the number of words I can learn in a set period. We are supposed to be learning around 1000 words a week but the reality is closer to 100!



  1. I have really enjoyed your posts, Sam. They have introduced me to a part of the world I have not seen.

    Thanks to you I have experienced it vicariously. I can feel the humidity.

    The pictures are outstanding.


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