Salatiga Week 3

There has been lots going on this week. I had a busy week with classes, had an excursion to Yogyakarta and also experienced some interesting food with my home-stay family.

Me at BorobudurOn our trip in to Yoyga we visited the Buddhist temple of Borobudur. It was built around 800 AD and is carved from volcanic rock. (The sarung is not a fashion statement but a requirement for the temple)

We also went to the Water Palace of the previous Yogya kings (there is still a king who rules Yogya).

IMG_0542Finally we spent the evening shopping and eating in Yogya. It is an incredibly busy and bustling place… unsurprisingly, a very Asian city but it seemed there was more room to express individuality.

Earlier in the week I went with my home-stay family to eat out at one of the popular roadside stalls. They asked if I would like to try a local delicacy which turned out to be snails on a skewer. It was quite rubbery but  didn’t taste too bad!

I finish the first half of my course this Tuesday and then move up a level for the final two and a half weeks of my stay.




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