Week 2 in Salatiga

It has been a tough week here in Salatiga. I have learned 300 words in 10 days and had the flu.

The language course has been incredibly intensive with each lesson lasting 100mins. I think I would liken it to being to told you have to go for hour long runs when you have only just started to get fit. There is not much concerned paid to optimal learning times or strategies here, they just hit you with information and hope some of it sticks.

Not that it has been a waste of time, I have picked up a lot of Indonesian but after 2 full on weeks, my brain is starting to rebel and does not want to learn any more words!

There is going to be a real challenge this weekend as we have to write 1500 words in Indonesian on a topic of our choice. My topic is “why is Indonesia rubbish at football”.

Today I went to the markets. There are so many stalls and variety of things here. Apparently you can buy dog meat but fortunately I have not seen any yet!

The view of Salatiga's main street


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