The SAMR Model

I have been learning about the Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) Model. The model offers a method of seeing how computer technology might impact teaching and learning. The model was developed by Ruben Puentedura.

As with all of these topics, I found it hard to comprehend at first but then found this great explanation on YouTube that not only explains the model but is an example of Redefinition within the model:

Here is an example of how the model works:

  • Substitution: Using technology to replicate non technological tools e.g. instead of writing an essay on paper, you write it in Microsoft Word.
  • Augmentation: Using technology to add to the substitution phase. e.g. sharing the document in the cloud to allow for multiple users to collaborate and provide feedback in real-time. This level starts to move along the teacher / student centric continuum. The impact of immediate feedback is that students may begin to become more engaged in learning.“
  • Modification: Changing the traditional audience/feedback mechanisms e.g. blogging your essay and giving people from anywhere a chance to read it and comment.
  • Redefinition: Bringing other media in to the essay e.g.using  video and infographics to tell a digital story not just an essay


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