INF541: Game Proposal – Social Media Tycoon

Social Media Tycoon Logo
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Game Title

Social Media Tycoon

Target Audience

Public Servants


You are starting a new social media platform. Your goal will be to get your balance above 1 million bitcoin over a set number of turns. Each decision you make will impact one of four scales:

  • Bitcoin balance (positively and negatively impacted by privacy decisions that impact advertising revenue, number of users
  • User privacy (driven by the policies you adopt, e.g. Selling user data to advertisers)
  • Number of users (driven by advertising spend
  • App “coolness”  (driven by investment in research and development plus random events such as celebrity endorsement)



Twine ScreenshotMy storyboard from my initial experimentation with Twine

Twine is a tool for making interactive games (e.g. Adventure games) in the form of web pages.

Learning Objects & Student Created Products

  • Students will understand the business model of “free” social media.
  • Student will understand the risks of sharing personal information on social media.

Examples of rewards include:

  • Positive media buzz (if coolness is high)
  • Teens give your app a nickname and it starts to take hold (if coolness is high)
  • Venture capital firm invests (if users are high)

Examples of punishments include:

  • Privacy breach discovered (if privacy is too low)
  • Young people switching to another app (if coolness is too low)
  • App being shut down by totalitarian government (if privacy is too great)

Examples of random events include:

  • Your co-founder is says something very inappropriate and the app loses investors
  • Your data center is flooded


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