INF506: OLJ Task 8 – Mobile Exploration

Compare and contrast their functionality of sites and the ways that they provide access to social tools. For each site list features that you consider provide a good mobile experience, and suggest any improvements that could be made.

ABC News

ABC News does not utilise responsive design, instead it uses a mobile and desktop versions of the site (Rawlins, 2016). On the mobile version of the site, ABC News promotes the social media and app options available to users including Snapchat, instagram, Twitter and Apple News. On the desktop version of the site, there is only reference to Facebook Messenger, so the site is tailoring its message to reflect the type of devices the user is on and not promoting things unnecessarily i.e. you cannot access Snapchat on a desktop and so why would you advertise it there?

In the individual news articles, the sharing options are similar although in the mobile version they include an option to share on WhatsApp, a mobile app. The sharing icons don’t include text on the mobile version probably to mirror the experience of mobile apps that just include large icons.

Desktop Version


Mobile Version

In general, the ABC News site replicates the experience of the desktop site on its mobile site, with some variation based on user expectations and platform opportunities.

CSU Interact2

The CSU Interact2 site does not provide a lot of social options. The site is responsive which provides a very familiar interface between mobile and desktop. Videos are scaled down to fit within the page and the way that mobile phones work, when you click on the video it gives you the option to open it in the YouTube app.

The site could benefit from an option to Tweet or share certain passages so that you can start a conversation with fellow students or send questions directly to the course convener. It would good to see what other students have highlighted or shared so that you can tell which passages are of interest to others and potentially allow you to connect with others that are interested in similar ideas.



Rawlins, B. (2016). Responsive Web Design. In Mobile technologies in libraries: a LITA guide. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield.


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