INF506: OLJ Assessment item 1

For the purposes of this post, when I refer to a ‘social network’ I mean an online social network.

Define what social networking is:

To me, social networking means interacting with a group in an online space. The content that you add to the network needs to be view able to all those within the group and this is what differentiates social networking from direct messaging apps. Others within the group need to be able to comment and react to your post.

Social networking is about building connections with others who have a common bond be it either through friendship or an interest/involvement in a certain topic. It is about building knowledge of the common topic of interest and starting discussions that can help inform your decisions.

To engage in social networking, you have to have a safe and respectful place to engage in it. Although there are many examples of social networking happening on ‘unregulated’ apps such as Twitter, the open nature of them can stifle the interactions and knowledge building aspects due to the behaviour of some users.

List what social networking technologies and sites you already use

The social networking technologies I use actively are predominantly to do with my personal learning network. I use Twitter to build my understanding of the latest developments in education and EdTech and to engage in conversations with others that are interested in similar topics. I use a variety of other platforms passively as a content consumer including video, photo and link sharing services.

Describe what you expect to learn from completing INF506

I expect after completing INF506 I will:

  • understand the theory and practical application behind social networks so that I am better able to employ them in support of learning.
  • have a much broader understanding of how social networking impacts our society and why it has been so influential in major events in recent years.
  • be able to understand if an organisation is effectively using social media.



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