Is Ingress Accessible and Inclusive?

I have been experimenting with playing Ingress as part of INF541. Although the game play is very interesting that are worthy of a blog post,…

Cyber literacy

I have just attended the 2018 Australian Cyber Security Conference. I heard a lot of impressive people speak and even understood what one or two…

INF530: Blog Task 2 – Connected learning and digital literacy

Looking back at my initial notes on “connected learning” I have scrawled “What is this? There are no decent succinct definitions!”. This is not a…

INF541: Online Reflective Journal Blog Task

Using these articles as a springboard, and your readings and interaction with the subject to date, develop a statement about your current knowledge and understanding…

#INF530 Blog Post 1 – Introduction

What is the context of your learning? I work in the public service but come from a background of web design. These two jobs are…