Kate, Christian and me at the top of a mountain

We are in Bourg Saint Maurice, in the French Alps, for a week of training and a race.

As I am writing this I can hear the sound of singing coming from the Military Training Camp which is just next door to our apartment. I cannot vouch for their fighting skills but if there was a “sing off” instead of war these guys would definitely win.

The apartment Kate, Christian and I are staying in is about the size of most peoples’ bathrooms and I have to fold my bed up in the morning so that we can fold out the kitchen table. That is ok though as we are spending most of our time either training or in the Boulangerie trying the various French pastries.

Kate, Christian and me

Bourg is a great course, it is one of the steepest Slalom venues in the world with very fast water making it really tough to get on line and then to stay on it. I have missed more gates in 3 days here than I have in my whole trip so far.

Physically everything is going well, my shoulder which had been giving me problems seems to have benefited from the rest I gave it.

Being able to paddle freely has also helped my enjoyment of the trip. I have been able to focus on some of the technical areas that I need to improve on if I am to be competitive.

The race is this weekend and should be a good field and a challenging course. The Aussie Under 23 team are also here along with a number of other countries.

Christian on Bourg

I believe that the Saturday qualification will be on the bottom part of the river with the Finals being held on the more challenging top section.



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